zkLink Nova is the first aggregated Layer 3 rollup network connecting to Ethereum and multiple Layer 2 rollup networks (L2s). zkLink Nova is built to offer an open platform for simple and fast smart contract development of any kinds. On zkLink Nova, scattered assets from different L2s in the Ethereum ecosystem could be aggregated for trade and transfer with interoperability. Secured by the most advanced zero-knowledge prove technology, zkLink Nova charges super low gas cost and offers fast finality, while still inherits the security of Ethereum.

Why do we need an aggregated rollup?

The rapid L2 scalability growth spurt has led to awkward fragmentation of composability, with a significant breakdown of network effects. Cross-rollup transaction is either very costly (via Ethereum L1) or lack of security (via trusted bridges). The native assets minted on different L2s (e.g. ARB, OP, MANTA, etc.) cannot be traded with interoperability.

There're several solutions proposed to unify a subset of L2s (e.g. OP's Superchain, Polygon's AggLayer, zkSync's Hyperbridge, etc.), but each of them is only applicable within its narrow sub-ecosystem of specific stack choice. This could potentially make the Ethereum ecosystem more divided.

We propose a new approach to aggregate the fragmented liquidity on different L2s. It links Ethereum and L2s via a Layer 3 (L3) network, secured by zero-knowledge proof and multi-chain state synchronization. Assets on whatever connected L2s could be bridged to this L3 network for fast and interoperable transactions, with minimum security assumption, low cost, and high scalability.

Through zkLink Nova network, we aim to reunify the divided liquidity in the Ethereum ecosystem, and to promote the permissionless mass adoption of dApps.

Supporting Universal DApps

zkLink Nova supports building any Dapps through smart contracts. To facilitate builders to migrate to zkLink Nova, we strive to be EVM-compatible with ZK Stack, which means all the contracts and tools that work on Ethereum and L2s also work here with minimal modifications, and you can easily re-use functionality others have already built.

Native Asset Aggregation

Applications on zkLink Nova are able to access to all native token assets on the connected L2s and Ethereum, allowing users to trade multi-chain assets with interoperability. Tokens issued on different L1 chains and L2 rollups by the same entity with the same value will be merged into a single in zkLink network, fostering unified and aggregated liquidity.

Low Fee and High Scalability

zkLink Nova's modular stack provides unparalleled scalability for dApps building on top of our ecosystem. ZK stack is used by zkLink Nova as the execution layer, which can dramatically reduce execution cost and achieve blazing-fast user experience. Celestia will be used as the data availability (DA) layer, which will further reduce the data portion of transaction costs on the network for the end users.

Ethereum Equivalent Security

zkLink Nova is the first aggregated rollup network of Ethereum equivalent security. To achieve that, every transaction on zkLink Nova undergoes verification via zero-knowledge proofs. Deposit fraud issues for cross-chain asset transfer are prevented through the multi-chain state synchronization mechanism powered by zkLink Nexus, which inherit security of Ethereum Mainnet.

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